Challenge Poem Verbless winter: Brute

The empty field,

a yellow stain,

a sharp-edged stone

in the corpse of moon.

A knife of snarl,

a gasp: a yield,

the blue of bruise

from a winter brute.

© RLW 2021
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critique and comments welcome.
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Wow! another very good poem I missed it earlier maybe there are more?
Thanks for joining R!


Some people have a rosy view of winter, as represented by picture postcards of pristine snow, robins and sprigs of holly; others see the flip side with no redeeming features but that season’s bleakness and the desolate landscape.
Your poem is in the second category and the analogy between winter and a violent brute creates an almost menacing atmosphere.


Well done, this is really interesting, sorry I missed it now.


You haven’t! The challenge’s deadline is November 26


You’ve captured a lot of violence in such a verbless poem. Question: wouldn’t the stain be red rather than yellow? I really like the line ‘the blue of bruise’ and your use of colour in contrast to the cold colourlessness of winter. A good challenge entry.

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