The disastrous love life of Tchaikovsky


The wife, to start with, proved impossible
by being of all wives the most disastrous possible,
and after the traumatical divorce,
including his own suicidal effort,
a disastrous failure even that,
she had a number of promiscuous lovers
and had children with them all
but cared for none of them,
disposing of them into orphanages.
He was saved by that wise lady Frau von Meck,
who graciously provided him with a life pension,
which allowed him to produce for twenty years
the most enjoyable melodic music of the time,
including the world’s finest ballet music.
Unfortunately, after twenty years
she tired of him and disrupted the connection,
and again he was abandoned to disaster.
He was persecuted by a demon all his life,
an irresistible homosexuality,
which ultimately ruined him:
he fell in love with some young prince
related with the Czar, a dangerous connection,
and the prince’s father would not have it.
He was summoned to a secret trial
of the highest aristocracy
and there condemned to death,
and he was ordered to commit it on his own
or even have his honour devastated.
That was Oscar Wilde in Russian style –
instead of public scandal and dishonour
death by your own hand and reputation saved,
which, you must give credit to the Russians,
they did save indeed – there never was in Russia
a composer more extolled and honoured
and with right – there is no music
more sincere in agonizing beauty and profundity.


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A nice concise history well told.

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