Cherry trees


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In heavy rain
underneath dripping branches
we dispersed you,
watched you,
watered down swirling into eddies,
sinking underground.

Maybe it was the sunlight,
filtered through the white blossom,
or springs first false whisper
that found the corner of your mouth,
carried you away,
a milky sweetness on the breeze,
drifting out beyond the trees,
trading your breath as nectar
to help each flower grow.

In the quiet of our home
lemon walls were waiting,
the mobile above your cot
clicked on,
a single chime that made me
close the door.

I poured some tea
and looked to the garden,
the trees had laid down
their blankets,
giving up their short life
to keep you warm,
as they do every year.

© savvi 2023
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