A Conker for the nature table (Nature Challenge)

Thoughts on autumn

Prickled and sour sapped
I found you by the roadside,
your fall, split white
on chestnut brown.

The ground drowns
in a crinkled collapse
as feet shuffle sound
through wind-cornered clusters.

Rain needles,
sharp as sketch book pencils
scurries shoppers along,
run for cover, high streets.

Blotted damp under a railway arch
I pull my hood up and shudder,
bone deep,
on this top button day.



© savvi 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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Only the two of us, Keith, have answered the call of ‘nature’. If I hadn’t decided at the last moment to give it a try you would have been the only representative. I am afraid the site is suffering the old malaise of apathy and driving people away.
Now that I have expressed my gripe, let me congratulate you on an excellent entry, very much appreciated by me. It is the kind of poetry that appeals to me: lyrical, clear and unambiguous. Thanks for sharing it.
Best, Luigi.


An excellent entry for the Nature Challenge, Keith. Its vividness of imagery and contrast between the stationary (and vulnerable) plant and the rushing for cover people, portrays a wet autumn day that’s chilling to the bone. I also like the internal rhyming of the line, ‘The ground drowns’. For me, it evokes the heaviness of the rainfall. A top button day, indeed. Well done.



A perfectly described picture of an Autumn day, the imagery wraps around and takes you right there. Sue.

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