S and M

A poem about love

Sophie chuckled in her sleep

She dreamt of walking 
Wind-whipped solitary beaches 
In winter morning lashing rain 
Throwing balls to the waves 
For pet Labradors to chase.

And once the dogs shake off the sea 
And their paws are dry 
There is breakfast – fried eggs and kidneys 
Toast and butter, steaming coffee 
Served up by a smiling husband, lover.

Martin’s arm, flat beneath her back, flopped numb
His fingers flaccid against the breast 
He cupped, and nibbled 
In the throes of last night’s passion.

Sophie stirred and turned.

Martin withdrew his lifeless arm, 
Slithered from the bed. 
Put on pants, shirt, shoes and socks 
Swigged remaining vodka dregs 
Pocketed unopened Durex –
Gossamer, ribbed for extra pleasure – 
(Bought to show how much he cared) 
And propped a note beside the clock:

“Bye, Hon, the weekend was fun… Life goes on…”

He lifted the sheet for a lingering look.
As his furtive fingers tinkered
An exultant fresh-sown child seed
Vaulted in Sophie’s secret place.

The bedroom door crept shut.

Sophie’s dream switched 
To yellow sand sunrises. 
A buttercup baby on her shoulders 
Golden Labradors racing into waves 
Splashing after tennis balls.

And, in a frilly apron,
Martin, frying kidneys,
On their sea-view cottage Aga.



© coolhermit 2023
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Well crafted and delightfully captured, I can clearly see the whole cameo playing out, you have a real talent for this type of descriptive poetry. I think you could lose stream in S6 as it doesn’t add anything and the rhyme is to close to dream. Best Keith


I agree. A well painted word picture conjuring up vivid images.

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