Franz Liszt – he fucked them all


A handsome man and brilliant pianist,
who no Parisian lady could resist,
and thus his entire career
was mainly executed between sheets.
Alas, they were an endless lot,
the mistress of king Louis of Bavaria,
that notorious dancer Lola Montez,
poor Marie d’Agoult,
with whom he had three children,
which he never cared for much,
so two of them were lost and died,
while only Cosima, his daughter,
lived to be the second wife of Wagner,
after he had robbed her from his friend,
her actual husband the conductor Hans von Bülow.
And the other mistresses of Liszt?
With age he had some problems
being struck by some bad conscience
and thus turned to Church to be a priest,
but as a Catholic abbé he still could not resist
the lovely ladies that came into his confessional,
and Olga Janina, his most notorious
and his final public mistress
ruthlessly exposed him as the fraud he was,
a parody of sanctimoniousness
who never could refrain from love.
And was it then a crime?
Of course not – just pathetic,
for his efforts to maintain his vanity
as lover even in his old age as a priest.


© aurelio 2023
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the f word but here it probably is unavoidable judging from FL’s amorous conduct.

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