Rossini’s love

continuing the composers’ chronicle of debatable love affairs…
the fatal tragedy of Gioacchino Rossini

He only had one single love,
and nothing could replace it.
He was married,
but his marriage never mattered much.
The devastating fact of what his love was
ruined him, when suddenly he lost it,
which so annihilated him,
that he fell silent for decades,
just sulking, seeking comfort in his cooking,
and he never quite recovered,
although he was wealthiest in music history
by his overwhelming opera successes.
The disaster that so brought him down
was the demission of his mother.
She was everything to him,
and no disastrous loss of love in music history
was so completely devastating
as Rossini’s loss of his beloved mother.
He fell silent, that most diligent of opera composers,
that most energetic and efficient pioneer of opera;
and finally, when he was old and dying,
he produced some aftermath, some sacred music,
which he called his ‘old age sins’,
still rather paralyzed by his unending sorrow
but at least an effort to in some poor way
produce some requiems for his mother.


© aurelio 2023
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