The more maturity advances,
the less matters age,
and years grow insignificant
as timelessness takes over
and your youth becomes perpetual in mind
as childish sensitivity grows more acute
and you feel as if you had been alive forever
and can’t stop living for that reason
constantly renewing all your love
as those you love increase in number
with your social life’s perpetual expansion.
What has age to do with that? Nothing at all.
So just forget your age and keep on living,
and, above all, keep on loving,
and you’ll stay alive for ages still
and outlive your own age.


© aurelio 2023
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A very perceptive look at the deeper meaning of growing older. Sue.


i particularly liked these two lines

and years grow insignificant
as timelessness takes over


A lovely write! No matter how old we are, we are never older than those mountains and rivers, those meadows and horizons, those stars in the sky, those waters in the oceans. So cheer to the fullest. This is a poem worth a thousand read.

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