The Bleakness of the Lost Identity

the problem of being ashamed of the human race


How is it possible to live
aware that you as human being
are one of that kind
that utterly has devastated the whole planet,
killing more than half of all the planet’s life
and being most of all a predator and monster
killer of his own kind?
We learn that we should never have exceeded
half a billion members
not to threaten life stability on earth,
and yet we are twelve times that number
and continue ruthlessly to multiply.
How can you stay alive with such a knowledge
being totally ashamed of what you represent
and feeling constantly more lousy as a parasite
partaking in the ruining of nature,
all that’s beautiful and free and virgin?
Without idealism you can not live,
idealism is love and faith and hope in man,
but the political reality has ruined everything;
and all that you can do is stick to individuals,
the beauty of outsiders and exceptions
who in some ways have maintained their freedom and integrity;
and then, of course, you always have the bottle
and all kinds of other things to fool your flesh with
into thinking you can actually feel better
temporarily at least.


© aurelio 2023
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