Something for the Weekend

From a market in the Var.

From the lands of far Cathay!
Marco Polo’s oriental paradiso?
Both premise and promise are dark-skinned;
given by a Panyol extra,
gifted in Niçoise hyperbole.


Black wood exotica.
Ivory-tipped; how very Sixties!
Rhinoceros, of course,
the fabled horned horse.
Traded on the Cote d’Azur
for sweet hashish, or something worse.


Ah. underneath the stall instead,
a bedside bonus. The Horn – grated,
inflames a flaccid penis, as irritated
skin increases girth and gusto.


At least that’s what Jean Francois says;
and he should know,
he’s Southern French…

© franciman 2023
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Where did this ‘come’ from? I like it, but I feel I shouldn’t…. Rhino Horn? Maybe I should call the ‘ bad taste police’ HaHa!

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