Goodbye Cruel World

My sister is a nurse who cares for dementia patients. I was inspired to write this after listening to her telling me how cruel dementia is,and how it changes a person etc. But what is also scary is she says younger people are suffering with it too and a few are only in their fifties. She says it is a blessing when someone passes away as they are in such a bad way it is a comfort for their family to see them no longer suffering. 

I once was rich

but now I’m poor,

had lots of money

yet not anymore.

I once was clever

but now I’m not,

as all that I knew

I’ve now forgot.

I once was happy

but now I’m sad,

as all the good things

have gone rotten and bad.

I once was young

but now I’m old,

my blood once warm

is all thin and cold.

I once was free

but now I’m confined,

just like a prisoner

with no peace of mind.

I once was gregarious

but now I’m all alone,

as nobody ever visits

or calls on their phone.

I once was healthy

but now I’m in pain,

never feel the sunshine

or walk in the rain.

I once was alive

but soon I’ll be dead,

so goodbye cruel world

there’s no more to be said.



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Hi there,
What a shame no comments! GGGRRR
This simple poem speaks in a profound way of the devastation of the reality for those afflicted PLUS their loving relatives. My mother is slowly sinking and so many are destined to do so too.
It is a waking nightmare where crucifying anxiety is often a symptom NOT a hazy daze of confusion.
They are in torment. A living hell…
Thank you for this.
Alison x

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