The Exile


You are lucky to be constantly refused,
not having to take part in the establishment,
the mob that’s only good for beating down
each talent that is something extra,
sticking out as something not quite ordinary.
Better, then, to be completely powerless
and innocent and pure without a name,
or have a name but only ‘writ in water’
known but to the ocean of eternity
as only one of all the passing water drops,
where all things temporal, established and mundane
are bound to disappear with all things base and vulgar
written just for greed or vanity
of even less use than some toilet paper.
You are only here to vanish anyway.
You might as well be exiled then from the beginning,
lost and disappeared, forgotten and ignored
and be content with the eternal natural outsidership
of nothing more than just a drop of water in the ocean.


© aurelio 2023
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