Priory Cottage Night.

A perfect country evening.

Silence, softly pressed

upon the ear

holding the grace

of night on

lamplit wing.

In amber tones

the moon shall

call the whispers

of the hour,

and bring to me

the scent of peace.

© sweetwater 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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Nice one, Sue. You have mastered the art of writing atmospheric poems to perfection.


Still trying to comment & critique, easy with this one…it’s beautiful. Luigi has it right Sue, it took you a while to find your niche; no holding you back now. On the critique side, I would look at punctuation.
Mike XxX


deleted comment as added twice.


Stunning! Another one for the anthology definitely. I am also taking into favs.
Alison x

Hi Sue,
Something seems to be going amiss. I posted twice because after I commented, the comment was nowhere to be seen so I commented again! ;-(
Someone beat me to the nomination but I would have nominated it so you have two haha

Alison x


I don’t know how I missed this one Sue it a delightful poem bursting with atmospheric lines, so good I can feel the night air, top draw. Best Keith

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