A British Prime Minister is actually known to have said this (the last line) on his death-bed to his doctor.

Drifting like a zombie
everything amiss
coughing like a horse
economy in constant crisis
hanging over you like doom
and frozen shoulders, SMS-thumbs,
mouse arm, eyesight fading,
with a broken back and swollen feet
and constant head-aches,
like as if someone nailed your head
with spikes in constant drumming,
appetite gone missing,
all food nauseating,
all you eat is crap
and boozing makes it worse.
Let’s not discuss the shit;
your stinking breath is quite enough,
the ulcers bleeding, fuming and erupting.
What else do you need?
The only thing still missing is a downright suicide,
but dying is the very last thing I’ll do.


© aurelio 2023
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The mention of dying words brings to mind the alleged parting shot of King George V, “Bugger Bognor”, which several authorities have said to be apocryphal, although he may have said something similar but not on his dying bed.

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