The only time that lasts is outside time

a philosophical truism

The only truthfulness is timelessness,
the only zone of durability is out of here,
the only perfect love is without time,
and there is no reliability
but in that ‘nowhere’ outside time,
in the transcendency of temporariness,
in all that is not touched
by the mortality of mundaneness.
Then there is nothing, you would say.
No, you are wrong.
The ‘now’ is all deceit and foolery,
the whims of fashion are the mirages
of falsity and self-deceit and disillusion –
it is all a fraud, while only dreams that go beyond
continue living, striving forward and surviving,
constantly outliving all the vanity of passing lies;
and those that stick to dreams
preferring them to the illusions of reality
will see them triumph with all life
to vanquish all mortality.


© aurelio 2023
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I must disagree, the now is not deceitful at all. Nothing is chronologically speaking. Time is perfectly ordained. It is us who are not ready for Time’s gifts, which exist in the past, present and future. Therefore the space we consume is not ready for Eternity.


Advise where to start! I would like to learn how to make tin soldiers. I had never done anything of the kind before, if only in primary school


I made plasticine and wax. Therefore, I have no idea about materials, methods, etc. But I would very much like to try myself in creating miniature models of metal soldiers! I would be very grateful. Thanks for answers!

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