Down the drain

John Keats, for example


There are certain lovers
who just can’t get through
but keep adoring in their bitterness
whom they could never reach
and who kept constantly betraying them,
while he, the miserable lover,
just kept on his faithfulness
in bitter spiritual sado-masochism
as if to wallow in self-torture
of the most alarming, unendurable accelerating kind.
Of course it must end badly,
and eventually his love will peter out
and disappear like all filth down the drain
to finally get lost mixed up in sewers
and at last find outlet and release into the ocean
like a water drop or wave of no more consequence.
Thus was John Keats’ name ‘writ in water’
after hapless love and poetry much criticized,
and he was not alone.
They always come again,
the faithful lovers that get lost in their fidelity,
betrayed and beaten down by critics
without understanding and by human baseness,
and they always keep on loving,
ending up with their refuted love,
their dreams and positiveness altered into bitterness
forever flowing like a never ending swan song
down the drain.




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