Royston Heath.

I first published this piece in 2016,(See UK archives).This is an edited version with the last verse added.This is now a final version, and  what I hope to be  the story of a temporary  interruption to a very special relationship.

We are sitting here now all alone

the proverbial Darby and Joan

remembering the years gone past

wondering why time went so fast.


We remember the winter of long ago

walking together through the snow

the starry sky, the heavenly tent,

above us a brilliant firmament,

twinkling lights of the town beneath

sweet memories of Royston Heath.


Just the two of us, we were all alone,

sadly your parents had long gone,

I was still a captive of the Crown

in a prison camp in that sleepy town,

seeing the lights of the town beneath,

sweet memories of Royston Heath.


A lot of time has passed since then,

too many years to remember when

we first exchanged that tender kiss

on that wonderful evening,what bliss,

stars above ,town lights beneath,

sweet memories of Royston Heath.


We moved about a bit since then,

pulling up sticks now and again

often remembering that part of life

where I first met you my darling wife

under the stars,town lights beneath,

sweet memories of Royston Heath.


Here we are again all alone

family grown up and long gone

remembering all those years ago

many years moving to and fro,

thinking of stars and lights beneath,

sweet memories of Royston Heath.


Another part of life has gone,

I am sitting here now,all alone,

you passed away never to return,

I’m thinking of years past and yearn

for those of them when life was new,

when my whole world was just  you,

starlight above,town lights beneath,

sweet memories of you

and Royston Heath.


E.W.Peters.                                       19-07-2017.


© pommer 2023
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