A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Inspired to write this after watching a programme on serial killers on the T.V. All of them appeared “normal” but were monsters and ruthless killers. 

He’s a psychopath

with no love in his heart,

just enjoys inflicting pain.

Stalks his victims

for weeks and weeks,

he’s highly intelligent

but dangerously insane.

A wolf in sheeps clothing

appearing to be kind,

yet he is a monster

with evil on his mind.

Sleep eludes him

lies their wide awake,

only murder and mayhem

can sate his appetite.

His targets are female

lured in by his charm,

they stand little chance

unable to put up a fight.

He could be a partner

a neighbour next door,

outwardly amiable

with a friendly smile.

Yet he’s ruthless

a merciless killer,

looking for fresh blood

all of the while.

So please take heed

watch where you go,

as this maniac is out there

but he belongs in Hell

in fire deep down below.


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