A Girl Who Gets Around

We have a new member (Francescarights) who like me writes song lyrics. I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours. This is part of a stage musical set in Belfast in the 1960s and early 70s. The girl is a ‘camp follower’ of the same kind that has existed since Roman times and long before. She is truly and sincerely neutral between the warring armies and highly astute. It’s a chance to test the audio system here too. The performer is Dayna Lynn, words are mine.

      Girl - Dayna Lynn - Dayna Lynn

A Girl Who Gets Around

I‘m a girl who gets around
Every corner of this town
And I know just how to please
These young men from overseas

Or if you’re with the IRA
That is totally okay
For it’s only night-time play
Just a different shade of grey
And I’m a girl who likes to get around

I‘m a girl who gets around
In a very troubled town
Not a Catholic or a Prod
‘Cause I don’t believe in God
Which you may think rather odd

Convent school in sweet Tralee
But the sisters would agree
It just wasn’t right for me
So to here I had to flee
I’m just a girl who likes to get around

I haven’t any politics, don’t cheer for any side
I haven’t any hatred, my heart is open wide
I’m full of love for everyone
In this I take a pride
I’m just a girl who likes to get around

I’m a little like your mother
And a little like a priest,
So tell me what you’ve bottled-up that needs to be released
You can tell the girl that likes to get around

If you’re lonely or unhappy you can always come to me
I can make your burden lighter for a very modest fee
You can tell the girl who likes to get around
Tell the girl who found a way to make her favourite hobby pay
You can tell the girl who likes to get around

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Bravo!!! I stumbled upon this as I seldom read unless poetry but this is very impressive.
Dayna Lynn has a great voice, the guitar was good, tune melodic and lyrics interesting and clever.
The recording first class too. Sure deserves more reads!!!
Alison x

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