The dead never rest

To think that you can just forget them
or ignore them is a self-deceit and a delusion,
since you never will get rid of them,
they never rest but will go on forever
just like you when you are dead,
remaining a reminder for all life
and all who knew them, that they know you
and will never stop persisiting in their earnestness
insisting on their life, which is why you had better
pay attention to them and accept them
with your piety, devotion, honouring and sanctifying them
for what they were and are and always will be
for their life, their personalities and their life’s work,
the greatest and most prominent result of which
is that their memory will never and can never fade.


© lailaroth 2023
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Love it 🙂 And you are right they never really leave us. Sue.

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