Stranded In Crewe

That hot spell wasn’t here long but it was a scorcher. Not a sun lover myself but many people are so hence this poem.

They called it a heatwave

and yes it was very hot,

yet it only lasted a week

so that’s all we got.

But you struggled to sleep

sweating just lying in bed,

as the temperature soared

leaving your face bright red.

Pavements were roasting

tarmac was melting too,

and trains were halted

stranding passengers in Crewe.

Canines lay around panting

too warm to go for a run,

but beer gardens were packed

as drinkers supped ale in the sun.

People munched on salads

gulped down water instead of tea,

kids dived into paddling pools

or dipped their toes in the sea.

But let’s face reality though

us Brits can’t really handle the heat,

we’re more used to wind and rain

now that’s more up our street ! 


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critique and comments welcome.
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Hello there, 🙂 You have been open to crit so here goes… 😉 This is a fun poem that many will enjoy. You need to pay attention to rhythm. Read it aloud and see where it falters. example They called it a heatwave and yes it was (very) hot, =take away yet it (only) lasted a week = take away so that’s all we got. They called it a heatwave and yes it was hot, yet it lasted a week so that’s all we got. Now you have the rhythm for the rest to stick to. It makes the reading… Read more »


Hi Kevin,
I agree with Alison as far as the rhythm is concerned In fact I just read Alison’s version, and like it.The whole poem reads well and reminded me of an experience my wife and I had many years ago at Reading station on our way to Birmingham.Happy memories.thank you for sharing.Good luck for the football season.I prefer Rugby.(not the place) be lucky, Peter.

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