A Last Letter.


I felt the need to write this,though I know my late wife will never read this.

My Darling,

It is two months since you left

leaving me lonely and bereft,

for you there are no more earthly fears,

for me,a time of sadness and tears.


A wonderful dream has ended

like we always knew it would,

a dream full of love and tenderness,

a dream of a life that was good.


I remember us talking about the end,

you said:”I’ll be first to go,

for I could not live without you

 as you and I both know”.


Well.you have gone now my Darling,

I find it hard to believe

that the dream of our live has ended,

I just sit by myself and grieve.


I have only one consolation

I was with you right to the end,

watching you slowly drift away

for the last time holding your hand.


So bless you my Darling I love you,

love you like I always have done,

just wait for me ,wherever you are

for more love and laughter and fun.


With all my love,

Your Peter. xxxxx


E.W.Peters.                             29-06-2017.


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Peter, I am so sad reading this. All I can say is I know you had many happy years together, and one must be grateful for that,

Sending love,


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