Two ways of love


Love works not just in two ways

but in many ways bilaterally,

as you usually are loved as much

as you yourself keep burning out of love;

but you are seldom loved the same way

as you send and spend and feel your own love.

How it works between the two of us

is just a perfectly original example out of many.

Your love is a careful generosity of softest kindness,

warm and tender and considerate in its humility,

while I am far too passionate and wild in temper,

difficult to handle, reach and understand,

a kind of demon that can not be tamed or tempered

but must have her freedom and her own life

unrestrictedly in order to exist and live at all.

Yes, we are opposites, but therefore work so well

together, both in intimacy and at any distance,

my satanic depth and abyss neutralizing and enriching,

complementing your serenity and creativity,

as thunderstorms and heavy rains are needed

to make deserts turn to some fertility and bloom.

© lailaroth 2022
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