What do you have left

when everything is taken from you,

when you are raped and violated beyond recognition,

when you are cut off from your roots

by the brutality and violent barbarity of others,

when there’s nothing left of your life’s work

but ruins and neglect, repression and forgetfulness;

when all your history is but a holocaust,

and when there’s nothing left but death,

as death seems cheerful in comparison with life?

The odd thing is that there is always more left than you’ve lost,

since life is never lost without it setting forth again

with brighter energy and higher hopes and spirits than before,

you are in fact victorious as it was no fault of yours

that all the mundane world committed only crimes.

If you are free from the responsibility of crimes against you,

your life will be leading as a beacon to the future

as you always will retain your soul’s creative power.

© lailaroth 2023
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