The Red Rose.

I originally wrote this piece in 2013,when my wife started showing memory loss to remind her of the past.I have edited it and added the last five verses.

I picked a dark red rose one day

many years ago,

I gave it to my wife to say:

“Darling I love you so”.


She kissed me and she thanked me

for this simple token of love,

I remember the way she looked at me,

and I thanked the Lord above.


Since then many years have passed,

I pick another rose now and then.

I give it to her so that both of us 

remember that day if we can.


Six decades have passed since that day,

our love is still as strong as then,

when I give her a rose to declare my love,

and I shall pick roses while I can.


I picked another red rose today

just like I always do,

but sadly there is no one now

I can give it to.


It is seven weeks to the day

that you, my Darling, left

leaving me here all by myself 

tearful and bereft.


But I won’t give up picking roses

Like I  have done all my life,

though I can no longer give them to you

My Darling loving wife.


I shall place them next to your picture

the one on our mantelpiece

that will make me so contented

knowing that you are at peace.


Hopefully I shall join you one day

we don’t know when that will be,

but that day we will both rejoice 

among red roses, you and me.



E.W.Peters.     11-06-2017.

© pommer 2023
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What a lovely gesture on your part, first of all. The poem then is a rhythmic testimony to love, to loss and to hope all in one go. Which isn’t always easy to accomplish, and yet you manage it here. Well done. I am sorry for your loss, but glad to read of your long life together and your commitment to her still. A lovely read.


Hi Peter,
What a beautifully moving poem and the sentiments behind it too. Nature can always speak to us in times of sorrow reminding us of the higher power that made all things. I think a rose is so beautiful it is almost other-worldly,
Congrats on the nib

Alison xx

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