The Marmite Man


You remind me of our street light, on or off.

When you’re on, all bright and interesting,

when you’re off, plain and dark.

Do you walk in the sun one day and shade the next?

Switching your personality on and off?

I am baffled and need to know.

I compare you to the local tribe…

interesting, all chat and embracing.

Some days you are and others you’re not.

Catching a glimpse, waiting to see… will he smile,

will he chat, will he engage?

Expressions are often stone, glazed, surly and wry.

We prefer the rising sun,

not the bulldog sucking a wasp!

What’s the secret, maybe you’ll share?

Like a duck out of water

Aloof, alone and forgotten, is really kind of square.

Is it you? Are you the marmite man?

© munster 2023
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