Too much love for Mendelssohn


Everybody loved him,
and he was fortunate indeed,
coming from a banker’s family
of many children and abundances of love,
the most important being of his sister Fanny,
who, according to himself,
was even more talented than himself
in musicality as a composer –
that could be debated,
but he certainly relied on her
as his best friend and only understanding one.
His wife, a mother of five lovely children,
was not very musical and rather superficial
for all her amazing beauty,
they were a most happy family indeed though,
since he was so lucky and so loved in his career.
But suddenly she died, the elder sister Fanny,
in the middle of a soirée, she just broke down
and could not be revived,
a dreadful blow to all the family
and most of all to Felix –
they were quite inseparable,
he was comfortless and lost all faith
in life, in his ability, in music, in his work
and perished in despondency
to after just a few months
join his sister in her grave,
just 38 years old, at the top of his career,
one of the most important and successful
in the history of music.
He was too much loved and loved to much,
and when the heart broke of his closest love,
his own heart could not face the music any more
but had to join in broken parts the broken one.


© aurelio 2023
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Mendelssohn was a true musical genius – he died far too young. Like Mozart a terrible loss of musical talent…

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