The art of second sight


You will need some experience

to see through the surfaces

of lies, deceits and everything that fakes reality

which never is what it is meant to be

and what it seems; but you’ll need to crush the ocean

to uncover what’s beneath,

which is a universe of darkness and of truth,

the actual reality always hiding underground,

and you will never get through with it,

as one aperture to an abyss

will reveal and open up some dozens more,

and they are all without an end and bottom.

Looking through reality and people

is actually like looking through a mirror

reflecting other mirrors;

so the view immediately gets infinite

and gives a clear view and perspective

of the dark web of infinity,

which might seem scary and precarious indeed,

but you can not escape it:

you will have to face the music

of the truth sooner or later anyway;

and it is never pleasant to observe and realize

that all you ever was allured by

and attracted to for the appreciation of reality

was only mirages of fraud, deceit, delusion

and a trap for getting you involved

with death, perdition and mortality.

© lailaroth 2023
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Wow you have given us something to think about with this, Your first line (You will need some experience) is certainly a great starter—- I liked it….

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