You’ve come for me again;
a riddled tongue promising
denouement to malaise.
Are such covenants elixir
or placebo to disease?
Yours is a stoic seduction.
With each new day you disappear
it loiters longer in your wake.

Emancipated from reason
I might once have followed
and escaped the banality of this game,
though I found you more alluring
when you danced upon a grave,
a crooked finger and a whispered name.
Whatever oaths you’ve made
are neither exorcism nor aid
for a repossessed illusion.

Allow me to expand my rhetoric
before your thaumaturgy starts.
I cannot mold myself into boxes
or line them with my shame,
nor can I weave my regret
into a necklace for the moon.

© jolen 2023
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You had all the words under the same roof.. A good read.


I could sense that, especially in the last line, but didn’t dare to put it down. Excellent craft! I enjoyed Gerry’s suggestion very much.


Blimey you have done it again Jolen – After the third reading I have just about got it. What I suggest is that you put a background track on of (Dance Macabre) by Saint-Saens. That will really set it off 😉
gerry xxx


Clever poem with more than one interpretation, I feel. Your words and ways with them are always poetic, in the ‘real poetry’ sense that I can’t do but admire in others. the lyrical lull and intellect of the thoughts shared and vocabulary used – my first read of the word ‘thaumaturgy’ (I should get out more!). :^) The title led me to think it was a certain kind of poem, but was then another, if you like. An apt title for the subject matter though. The last 4 lines speak of much insight and wisdom and, most importantly, strength. Thanks… Read more »


Hello Dear Jolen,

It is difficult to put yourself into the head of someone else at the best of times. How can you admit to being obtuse when you quite eloquently put your take on this deep and painful condition! I’ve never been to that exact place myself, but depression, yes.

I understand the disappearance every day. That is incisive on its own!


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