Their Bathroom

(Have snipped a little)

Its silky green fern paint

with silver-faced tiles enclosed

a square space where Palmolive soap

aroma mingled with M&S’ magnolia bubbles.


To lie swamped in scent with the wee window

open to the berry-laden garden.

Cecil and Bessie shared a wooden bench –

Grandad in the sunny half and Gran, cool

in the shade as if it was bespoke.


I could hear them planning the next

evening’s meal and feel their words

reverberate. I peered through steam

at the row of Fenjal bath oil, Brylcreem,

Harmony hair spray and peppermint foot lotion –

motley sentries on a glass shelf.  


Wrapped in a thick emerald towel

I’d de-mist the shaving mirror and see

my grandad’s foamy face turn 

into smooth handsome features

which my gran would giggle at when

he manicured her feet.


I squirt Jif around the enamel tub

and zap myself from reminiscence

which will never evaporate.








© kats 2023
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Hey Kat, I liked this piece and think it’s wonderful to have such fond memories of your grandparents. They sound like they were fun. Your first two paragraphs are very descriptive and give us an excellent visual into the bathroom. I like how you bring their relationship to life in such a few short lines. Then in the last paragraph, you gracefully bring us back to the here and now while leaving the memory in tact of our visit. Much appreciated by me. I hope you’re well.



Loved this Kat, I’m a push over for memory lane. You captured their lives in a beautifully different way. In saying this, I’m making an assumption, if I’m wrong I apologise. This is one I will read again.
Mike X


Kat, what lovely memories and pictures you must have. Grand-dad must have had a good head of hair (Brylcreem) 😉
Gerry x.

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