Belfast Boy

Inspired by a visit to Belfast recently, the first time was in the early 80s. My attempt at a kind of song.

I dated you once.

You lived on a certain side

of the Cave hill.

You loved Scotland –

Runrig, Gaelic, Joy Division.

Perhaps you were typical of

an Ulster boy with a best friend

called Paul McCartney –

always hugging the Mulls.


You showed me the sights

from Newcastle to the Causeway

that stretch of coast which kept Alba

in view. I loved it too.

I crossed to Carrickarede for you.


We drifted apart –

our youth, separate dreams,

we needed to grow and learn.

Belfast boy, I wonder if you ever yearn.


You became an engineer,

we met again –

the flame long gone.

I loved you once, I couldn’t repeat it.


Last I heard you lived in France –

a roadie with a band and a Gallic beauty

‘too good-looking for her own good,’ you said.

I didn’t rate her chance of freedom.


Belfast boy, I hope your plans panned out.

I hope you appreciate the past that made you.

I loved you once, I couldn’t repeat it.

I loved you once, I couldn’t repeat it.


© kats 2020
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3 years ago

Beautifully sad! Loved every line.

3 years ago

This was very impressive. If it is biographical you were obviously impressed too 😉
Just find the tune – you would have a good song…
gerry x.

3 years ago

Waiting for the YouTube release by some talented musical producing type, Kim! I think the last verse has to be repeated several times to give it pondus as a catchy little number! You might even sing it yourself on “Later… with Jules Holland”. But, you’ll have to hurry though, I feel Ireland may well be a united republic soon! I think this is biographical and true, but excellent write, and brave in attempting song lyrics. For that alone, worthy of the nib!
Trevor x

3 years ago

Celtic boys and Belfast boys. You saucy sausage, young Kats! ‘Belfast Boy’ sounds a good title for a song. Enjoying your writings. Regards, Mick.

3 years ago

Hello Kim. Only just noticed this one. As you may know I have spent most of the last two years working with singers and musicians to get my lyrics about Belfast turned into songs. If you’re serious about getting this one set to music I can give you a few contacts.

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