Sawdust rings


I wanted the real photograph
not the straw bales
and candy apple faces.

The circus tents veil of glamour
soon returns to canvas and rope
as sticky children skip away,
trailing laughter.

I walk small among the closing down,
and creep my shadow on bill board walls
side tents glow behind busy glances.
The thin slit of a caravan door whispers
of a world not seen before.

She sits straight on a high back chair
smearing lines across her face,
high above the audience she climbs
each night with dusted hands
and plans a ballerina’s fake escape.
The old trailer offers up whiskey tainted
whispers as the low lights dim and surge.
She spoke plainly, knowing I had to listen.

Is this the picture you would take from me?
The empty glass reality of aching limbs
and crippled hands, a life that seeped 
on traveled cracks between
your towns and fields
each poster pasted
over stolen miles and years.

My name is Alina, you should at least know that, 

I didn’t answer, I stayed a coward, hidden
while my camera stole everything she had left.

© savvi 2023
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Well written,Meaningful, with its underlying message. A rounded complete snapshot of a person.
Typos – two instances of ‘tent’s’


This for me was simply terrific writing, you at the top of your game.


Savvy, Most of your poems have an impressive story with climax coming at the last line. A pleasure to read such poems. A well deserved nomination.

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