For Chloe

A Bookend to Millie

Holding you in my arms, feeling the warmth.

You look up at me, your perfect eyes looking beyond bewilderment. The magic when first you squeezed my finger. I’m longing for a smile of recognition. To hear your laughter, hear you call to me. Our connection built on trust, how could it be otherwise.You’re only a month old, and I’m your Granddad.

I want so much for you, growing up in a world I may never know, living a life beyond my understanding. There are some things that never change.

These thoughts may help you along your way:


Never be afraid of life, make mistakes…it’s how we learn.

 You don’t have to make them again.

Live life with abandon, like there’s no tomorrow.

 Sometimes there isn’t.

Love with passion, for love without passion isn’t love at all.

A life without love isn’t worthy of the name.


There are many pages within your life story,

if you don’t like the one you’re on…turn the page.

It’s your story… make it better.

Never be afraid to ask questions, then question the answers.

Trust has to be earned; don’t give it away to strangers.

Remember, just because life brings us roses,

doesn’t mean there aren’t thorns amongst them.


I wish you happiness and a life filled with love.





© mikeverdi 2023
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How very true and well written as usual Mike,I’ve been through those feelings with min,Grandchildren and now great-grandchildren.I would not be without them. especially now. Be lucky,both of you, Peter..

Oh Mike this is so beautiful, it needs to be framed and hung on every child’s bedroom wall. Sue xxx


trust has to be earned indeed. strangers…. oh yes, yes. Indeed.
hope you’re alright

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