In the light of our love


I always saw you in a light
of lasting quality and durability
of an idealism that would not fade,
and it is shining still.
You never lost the beauty
of your brave ideals,
and thus you went through all the hells of life
unharmed, untarnished and untouched.
We are like children still
like as we were originally
when my love first touched you
in the blend of our naïvety of immaturity
to never leave you outside any more
the heart of our common secret.
Our ideal continues
leading us, uniting us and finding us
together in the destiny
that ever brought us nigher
to the essence of our mystery.


© aurelio 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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HI Aurelio, I’ve read this a few times and forgive me, because I totally suck at commenting, but wanted to try anyway. If I am understanding this piece right, you’re reaffirming your love and that is lovely. I guess for me, the confusion lies in your use of “Ideal’ repeatedly along with ‘idealism’. I think the piece is inherently good, you’ve got some really good stuff to work with. I guess I wonder if you might have a stronger, perhaps more concise piece if you were to use something else in place of a couple of the “ideals’ and perhaps… Read more »


There is much beauty in this piece. Left me wondering whether that “ideal” still continues. Would be fascinating to know.

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