A definition of magic


an old poem

Magic is what is not seen but the more real,

it’s realism that is not real.

it’s dreams that are too true not to be real

although they are not real,

it’s materialization of the impossible,

it’s the reversal of the obvious,

it’s the illusion of a fake reality

which proves more real than any real reality,

it is the truest love that never is found out

but always ends up in a total mystery,

it’s the exposure of established lies

and the proof that myths in fact were true,

it’s the manifestation of imagination

proved and realized by magical creation,

it is all life in nature

and the miracle of man in that he proves

that all his wickedness is nothing

since there is never any evil

without producing something good.



© lailaroth 2023
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It’s an interesting take on magic. I have to admit, I got lost a few times, and I’m not sure I’d agree with some of it. But it does keep the reader on their toes and gives one pause.

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