You are a fool to let yourself be fooled around


You can not steer your dreams
or make them end up as you want to,
but they follow their own random course
and drag you as a victim hopelessly along.
It’s with reality exactly the same way,
it being harsher though and more deceptive
as it fools you to believe that it is real,
beguiling you to take it seriously
and as a consequence inflict much deeper pains.
It’s just a roller-coaster dream like any dream
capriciously manhandling you around in random waywardness
with no awareness of its own outrageous cruelty.
You have to duck, stay humble and invisible
in order to avoid the worst; but still you’ll be a victim
whether you like it or not; and only if you’re lucky
you’ll at least save something out of all your shipwrecks
in the form of knowledge and experience.


© lailaroth 2023
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you say many and important things in this poem, which ought to be read and taken seriously. this is not just poetic stuff. it’s deep and good advice.

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