Without roots


When you are born you are supposed to be well planted

in good ground for growth and germinativeness,

but if you are exiled or evacuated

and your roots are brutally chopped off

you find yourself a flying leaf

with no refuge but heaven,

and you have to deal yourself with homelessness

and no one to be able to rely on or confide in,

and you dare not risk your trust again

once you have been betrayed,

since once is once too much.

The risk is you have no one else to turn to

but bad company, adventurers and risky extremists

who might though be in a position similar to yours,

and a community of outcasts is to be preferred

to a society which has betrayed you.

Even internet can let you down

by hacking, blocking and disabling or deleting your account

for your ability of straight communication,

but from there there is for an alternative a dark web.

What I mean to say is that there’s always one way out

to further progress and expansion, even if you are cut down

by even your most close and next of kin,

and if they cut you down and rob you of your roots

you’ll always have not only roots in heaven left

but also more direct and strong ones into hell.

© lailaroth 2022
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I like the planted roots metaphor culminating into heaven and hell, good and evil exist in everything. Not sure about germinativeness it sounds like a made up word and it could easily be cut. Best Keith

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