Glimpses of my mother

After all these years, I still sometimes see someone, that from behind looks exactly like my mother … until she turns around.

By chance I catch a glimpse of her,
salt and pepper waves kissing
cyan ripples about her neck.

A thousand Lepidoptera tickle
anticipation, until she whirls
around revealing an unfamiliar smile.

As I exhale they burst out
of my ribcage in a rush, transporting
all desires to an obscure realm.

One gatekeeper flutters back
hovering nearby
then settles on my lifeline.

© capricorn 2021
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Perfectly expressed, I also experience this and my heart breaks all over again. Sue.


I think everyone has a moment like this, I know I have.


A charming and moving poem.


Hi Eira,
I know that I will face this sooner or later. ;-(
When I lost my dad, I used to see so many men out and about, wearing the same fav Marks and Spencer jumper. Across a busy street, in a crowded shop…
I used to feel if only I was quicker and caught up with them, he would not be dead.
Apparently a well recognised phenomena of grief. 🙁
You have captured it here so splendidly with your usual unique choice of vocabulary.
Very moving with carefully chosen economy of words.

Alison x

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