Glimpses of my mother

After all these years, I still sometimes see someone, that from behind looks exactly like my mother … until she turns around.

By chance I catch a glimpse of her,
salt and pepper waves kissing
cyan ripples about her neck.

A thousand Lepidoptera tickle
anticipation, until she whirls
around revealing an unfamiliar smile.

As I exhale they burst out
of my ribcage in a rush, transporting
all desires to an obscure realm.

One gatekeeper flutters back
hovering nearby
then settles on my lifeline.

© capricorn 2023
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Very moving. The memories last forever. Good poetry. Take care, Mick.


I know I have already left a comment on this marvellous poem, but on reading again I felt I wanted to say more.
I have wondered for years how to express this feeling, the excitement, the desperate anticipation, the ‘ no, it can’t be…. but just maybe? Then the dreadful crushing realisation hits home once again, no it’s never going to be her again. You have done just that, this is an amazing capture of emotion.
Thank you for posting it, I just wish it wasn’t too late to nominate it for this year. Sue.


Good read. TFS.

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