There but for….

There’s more than one kind of illness.


Sat polishing my possibilities

in a room full of strangers.

Those shiny people

with answers for everything;

except the ones you want.

They point towards a wall of silence,

where those in need can bang their heads

in time with the beat on the street.

I lift mine, look around,

catch the eye of a passing thought….

There’s no way out of here.



© mikeverdi 2022
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critique and comments welcome.
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Effective setting of scenario, well done. Not too sure about the end though, which seems rather weak. Might be preferable to finish the poem earlier and leave out the last two lines.


I seldom come back on a comment, but ‘no way out of here’ is a very powerful line to end on. The scars line is almost an afterthought which weakens the impact (to an observer like me) anyway, it’s your poem, not mine 🙂


Excellent descriptive poetry Mike – and fully understood…


Ah, Mike… there but for fortune go you and I. Interesting poem.

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