The Urge of Freedom


You can not stop it,
and there is no force of nature
in this universe that ever could,
this urge of freedom,
running wild and out of every prison,
constantly escaping all control
to never be fenced in
by anyone or any human effort.
Man has failed completely
in his effort to contain Dame Nature
running wild now, melting down the poles
and threatening to drown all mankind
once again, since man has never learned
to be more sensible –
already William Blake saw all the madness
in environmental ruining and exploitation,
but the sanest prophets were the most ignored.
You can’t pin down the creativity of life,
confine her, limit her or even understand her,
but she will escape, surprisingly to baffle even more
each human effort to have her contained.
Now nature will reclaim the planet
ruined by the lunacy of humankind,
and the only thing that we can do about it
is to bury our dead, make cemeteries
and lament the ruin of our folly.


© aurelio 2023
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