In eyes whose panes….

A poem


With eyes whose panes obscure a curtained depth
of shadows hid in secret lampless rooms,
I see a growing resonance of death:
the damp, decay, and stillness of the tomb.

The silent, prowling panther of the night
is threading through the sunbeams’ golden bars.
My eyes engage the swiftly-fading light
to wrest it from the secret, sullen stars

In desperation, fearing worse than life,
My resolution strengthens its control.
I sniff the air. But, slicing like a knife,
A damp, dead stillness enters in my soul

© e-griff 2020
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critique and comments welcome.
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E-griff, you’ve left the “l” off on “soul”. Perfect classical form, but does it support my earlier postulations…?
On another point, why have you become “admin” instead of “member” on this submissions side? It seems you’re like Gareth from “The Office”, needing your own special designation? The adjudication value of the site has suddenly dropped drastically! Revert to ‘member’ please, it’s off-putting!


Very strong lines, and deeply dark images, I have had varying ideas of the meaning from depression to self harm to ‘it’s just what it is’ Still no conclusions can you enlighten me? I really enjoyed reading though whatever the meaning behind it. Sue.


Yes, it’s great stuff John. I enjoyed the darkness of it. May I offer a small critique. I would suggest that “I see a growing resonance” conflicts with the start of the stanza. May I offer feel or hear?


Okay, my mistake….got that now.

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