In eyes whose panes….

A poem


With eyes whose panes obscure a curtained depth
of shadows hid in secret lampless rooms,
I see a growing resonance of death:
the damp, decay, and stillness of the tomb.

The silent, prowling panther of the night
is threading through the sunbeams’ golden bars.
My eyes engage the swiftly-fading light
to wrest it from the secret, sullen stars

In desperation, fearing worse than life,
My resolution strengthens its control.
I sniff the air. But, slicing like a knife,
A damp, dead stillness enters in my soul

© e-griff 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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Very strong lines, and deeply dark images, I have had varying ideas of the meaning from depression to self harm to ‘it’s just what it is’ Still no conclusions can you enlighten me? I really enjoyed reading though whatever the meaning behind it. Sue.


Yes, it’s great stuff John. I enjoyed the darkness of it. May I offer a small critique. I would suggest that “I see a growing resonance” conflicts with the start of the stanza. May I offer feel or hear?


Okay, my mistake….got that now.

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