The Clam before the Storm plus

Two for the price of one…. 

The Clam Before the Storm

It’s the clam before the storm!
I gulp it eagerly,
Watching the approaching hammerheads on the horizon.
Washing it down with fine wine.
Before boarding up
And going inside.


Reptilian Girl

Reptilian girl, lock your fate with mine!
Reptilian girl, you look divine.
Your scales, your claws, your scarlet crest
(Though I search in vain for a glimpse of breast)

But never mind, you’re all I need
To settle down and spread my seed
In your garden of delight
C’mon girl – just stay the night!

What’s that? I see your great head shaking
Your body curling, slithering, snaking,
I’m in your arms
I’m in your mouth!
Bloody hell, girl …mmmff!

© e-griff 2023
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Naughty Griff! Go to your room.



I loved the play on words of your first one, and the poem too, not quite so sure about the second, well written and entertaining but is there a bit of of forbidden lizard love lurking in your subconscious I wonder 😉


Great fun skilfully done. Loved them.

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