The Teacher


When we were small we played together,
and since then our lives have grown with memories
that ever grew more sweet
the longer that we kept our love prevailing,
growing and expanding;
like a flower that would never wither
but uniquely only just continue growing
larger and more beautiful and splendid
in ever increasing sumptuousness of colours,
better even than the Phoenix,
who gets burned sometimes to get renewed;
but our love caught never fire
although it kept growing ever warmer
with the candour of our hearts
that never seem to mature quite enough,
since we continue learning
from each other
of our love
how this the greatest miracle of all
is actually the only thing in life
that can teach something about life.


© aurelio 2023
Views: 1995
critique and comments welcome.
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If there was a voting button I would click “Enjoyed”. I don’t feel competent to comment on poetry.


Enjoyed the read.
Should the 12th line not read “but our love never caught fire”.


One of the better types of love, one that stays constant and binding.
Just one thing 3rd line down should it read ‘grew more sweet’ not sweeter. Sue.

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