On the Road to Damascus

Inspired by a comment on my Easter submission…

A wet, empty Valentine’s Day.
I woke to the cold, bleak
vision of a celibate future.
Bride of Christ fashioned
from the earthy clay of a
table-topping, CanCan dancer.

Do you remember
‘Two Mules for Sister Sarah’?
That was I; on a rain-battered
motorway hard-shoulder;
my sorry-ass motor, dead
on the way to the Nunnery.

He sat astride a broad-backed BMW,
my bright’n shiny knight.
His smile around the damp cheroot,
bade Downton Abbey take a hike.
He said ‘get up behind me Sister’
I draped across his throbbing bike.

I clung for safety to the stranger,
my cleavage pressed across his back.
He smelled of Brut and warm wet leather
I soon forgot my God attack.
Clint said he was a freelance joiner
We went inside for Home Improvement.

© franciman 2023
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That’s a “Like” on the voting button (when they get around to making one!)


Clever poem, very readable. I liked it.


HaHa! That’s the way to do it.
Point of fact it was two mules.

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