It’s All in the Conception

Appropriate for Holy Week I think…

How must it have felt
to Mary the Maid
on the day she first
found she was blessed?
When an Angel appeared,
in a prism of gold,
and softly her
maidenhead pressed.
For that Angel
transcendent in heavenly light
placed the embryo
Christ soft inside her;
And left her to carry
the Light of The World
with only her conscience
to guide her.

How awesome the task
she was handed that day,
and how heavy
the burden she carried;
For the Chosen of God
by immutable Law,
said that young mothers
had to be married.
And again when the child
lay content in her arms
did she think of
mankind in the darkness?
Or aware of the fate
of her well-beloved son,
was she constantly
shadowed in sadness?

And how did she feel
as she stood neath that beam,
with her son hanging
nailed to the tree?
Did she truly believe
he was Godhead made flesh,
simply hung there
to save you and me?
Did the pain of his birth;
as her son here on earth,
echo deep
in the wall of her womb?
When she swathed him in cloth;
as she had at his birth;
before laying him
deep in the tomb.

© franciman 2023
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I don’t know what to say, this is so wierd from you.


Indeed, a great way. It’s excellent writing Jim, just not the subject matter I expect from you. I’m a total atheist as you know. You never left me with the impression that you were that interested in religious stuff. I’m actually having a couple of people around for dinner this evening, they are happy-clappy Christians ( I don’t know what they see in us) I will read this one to them.


What a wonderful and thoughtful exploration of subjects that most tend to separate and view as distinct. Thank you.

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