The Bubble


Of every dream
that could haunt me,
this one insinuates
like a bubble that might waft
across our summer garden

and, disconcerting
chattering cat or frantic dog,
skim the children’s straining fingertips,
swirl past your sleeping face,
and beam its supernoval menace
on me, on me ….

This shimmering, hollow dream
drifts into a fitful sleep,
eclipsing companion considerations,
to hold my gaze with its power
to chill a smile
or cloud an eye;

for a brief eternity,
it fixes its stippled stare
on me, on me ….
then, as I switch on the lamp
to face it down,
it is gone!

© Nemo 2020
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Ahhh… there you are Gerald, being good again. Thanks for posting old friend.


Having nominated this already, (several times I think), as my personal favourite of yours, Gerald, I’ll refrain from doing so this time. You at your best, which is somewhere above brilliant! Shame the layout doesn’t do it credit, mostly about its spatialt positioning on the page, few words of intro, no black line, as well. moving it down and right a bit would lose those two blue links from being directly under it, prevent them from disturbing the visual impact tool.
Hope you’re settled again after sizing down (retained the allotment?)
Regards, Trevor

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