Wholesome irresistibility

Sensualism is the most unavoidable inevitable part of life,
as you can’t live unless you love,
your output being your account book,
which should but consist of credits.
I am not ashamed of how I always went too far
in love, experimenting wildly,
never tiring of committing myself utterly
to whomever I found worthy of my love;
and I confess that I made terrible mistakes,
but they proved the best lessons of my life.
I cannot hide my love or in any way neglect it,
and as I now love someone so much younger than myself
I know I am to some precarious disadvantage,
but I take the risk unflinchingly
not only for the sake of your blue eyes
of such expressive sensitivity and beauty
or your splendid hair of such impressive quality and length,
but most of all for your spirituality
which I can share and trust as something
almost like a mirror of my own.

© lailaroth 2023
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