It’s actually a superstition
and a prejudice above all:
you ban what you don’t understand
and shut out what you can’t confront
by labelling it anathema
and make communication and all dialogue impossible.
It happened to all bold initiatives
of progress and development in history,
like christianity in the beginning,
the free thinkers and first scientists
and in our own age protest movements
such as neo-nazism, satanism
and even flower power of the hippies fifty years ago.
The more the philosophical initiatives and movements
are suppressed and persecuted,
the more strength they naturally will acquire,
and the stronger they will overcome.
We see today national socialism resurging
with the immigration crisis and the extremism of islam,
with the holohoax exposed and secularism proving insufficient,
making way for the inevitable truth of anarchism and satanism
of total darkness, which you simply have to face
with no excuse for the demonization
of any aspect of the truth,
– just saying and observing.

© lailaroth 2023
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