The sweet pain of nostalgia

What matters all the pain of our memories,
since we have them together,
suffering together all those losses
of friends lost and gone
and ever brought to mind
to never be forgotten?
It’s the sweetness of our memories
that counts in ever warmer and more beautiful nostalgia
and not the pains and pangs of heartaches,
since all hurts are only there to vanish
and to ever be forgotten
as superfluous to life.
The colours of our tender souls
forever marked by incandescent memories
will forever warm us up
in the obstinacy of our constant hibernation,
which will warm the more
as we with pleasure share them
with the company that still remains
so long still after our explosive party
that turned on the world to keep it rolling
even long after that we have gone.


© aurelio 2023
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Love this line

since all hurts are only there to vanish


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